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Always ignited by the insightful BIG ideas, we aim to produce inspiring and distinctive brand proposition for all of our clients in order to set ourselves apart in a competitive industry. In every single day, every step we take, we strike to be excellent, creative, innovative and we work hard to set a high standard for everything we do. Together, with our indomitable spirit, we move towards our goal of being a world’s leading advertising agency by keeping abreast of the state-of-the-art and changing modern technological trends from time to time.


CK Graphic-Futuristic Tecnology Insider

Inspired by the technology-driven environment, our team always strive to create a dynamic lasting design solution through the latest media technology where our expertise is in visualization. We are best known for providing creative visual communication services that focused on computer-based architectural rendering, 3D modeling and visualization architectural illustration, interior design, 3D walk-through animation with photo-realistic output and recently the most-cutting edge addition: mobile application development to meet the growing demand of today’s consumers.

Creative Visualization • Cutting-edge Digital Technology • Mobile Apps Development

CK Lab-Avant-grade Arts & Graphic Transmitter

Inspired by the stunningly-creative ideas, we dedicated to provide a world-class, one-stop creative branding solution to our clients, specializing from print design on brochures, booklets, billboards, interactive media like web designs and mobile applications to an effective marketing and advertising campaign. We constantly work on dynamic and groundbreaking ideas to help our clients evolve and grow their brand for both international and local businesses alike.

Avant-garde Advertising • Creative Branding • Effective Marketing Strategy

Know Idea- Innovative Event Production Team

Know Idea- Innovative Event Production Team Inspired by the state-of-the-art digital media works, we commit to provide high standard and specialized value-added services that exceed our clients’ expectations for their utmost satisfaction. With our innovative technology solutions, we deliver a wide range of digital media services such as film-making, photography, post-production, event planning and management which are specializing in arts and cultural shows.

State-of-art Digital Media • High-quality Production Equipment • Powerful Audience Engagement

CKG Academy- Passionate Visualization Trainer

CKG Academy- Passionate Visualization Trainer Inspired by the passion of sharing, we do provide a world-class visualization training center for all the talents and professions based in Malaysia too. We dedicated to establish an integrity and all-round training program to stretch the abilities of our trainees and equip them with the specialized skills in order to meet the growing demand of digital technology. All of our trainers are experienced, talented and passionate to share their knowledge, expertise and basically everything they know about CG, from basic to advanced including the 3D rendering, animation theories and all the cutting-edge of CKG visualization techniques.

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